The most commonly used dog breeds in the modern military are German shepherds, retrievers, Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherds. These dog breeds were chosen for their endurance, resiliency and keen sense of smell. Dogs ... More »

Several organizations have military dogs available for adoptions. These organizations include Pets for Patriots, Vets Adopt Pets and Warrior Dog Foundation. More » Pets & Animals Pets

The Armed Forces History Museum describes current military dog tags as listing a service member's last name, first name, middle initial, serial or Social Security number, blood type and religious affiliation. Each piece ... More »

As of 2015, dog breeds commonly implicated in serious injuries or attacks include German shepherds, pit bull and pit-types, and mixed breeds. However, there is some evidence that small breeds are also highly likely to bi... More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs

Some big, fluffy dog breeds are the chow chow, the samoyed, the standard poodle, the old English sheepdog and the keeshond. The abundant, fluffy coats of these dogs require constant care. More »

Some of the friendliest dog breeds are the golden retriever, Labrador retriever, bulldog, beagle and bull terrier. The only medium-size dogs on the list, both the golden and Labrador retrievers are known as family-orient... More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs

The dog breeds that look the most similar to the Siberian husky are the Alaskan Malamute and the Alaskan klee kai. Other breeds that share similar attributes include the shiba inu, the tamaskan and the Samoyed. More »