The various different types of lizards include anoles, chameleons, geckos, American legless lizards, monitor lizards, agamids, iguanas and earless lizards. Lizards belong to the class Reptilia and order Squamata. There a... More »

Types of pet lizards include the leopard gecko, the crested gecko, the bearded dragon, the green iguana and the Chinese water dragon. The pet lizards' sizes, how easy they are to care for and the costs of maintaining the... More »

The correct diet for a lizard depends on its species and age. People can feed most young lizards insects such as crickets, beetle larvae, flies and moths. Adult lizards exhibit greater variation in their diet, as some ar... More »

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Common backyard lizards include anoles, six-lined race runners and eastern fence lizards. Anoles, primarily found in the Southeastern United States in North and South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, are small- to medium-s... More »

Chameleons are largely carnivorous, eating a varied diet of insects, although some larger chameleons will eat birds and lizards. Chameleons enjoy insects like crickets, grasshoppers, locusts and stick bugs. Some chameleo... More »

Geckos are types of lizards, but have several physical features, such as shorter and broader heads and sticky feet, that distinguish them from other types of lizards. Geckos and lizards live in many areas around the worl... More »

According to the University of Michigan’s Department of Zoology, there are 35 species in the Iguaninae subfamily. While all iguanas share a common ancestor, and most display similar characteristics, the group is very div... More »