There are many types of short, layered haircuts that are considered on-trend as of 2015, including bobs, pixie cuts, pompadours and shags. Most short styles can be cut with or without layers, but how flattering each styl... More »

A layered, choppy haircut flatters all face shapes. It has the added benefit of making any face shape look like an oval shape, which is the most flattering face shape. More »

Short, layered cuts can be appropriate on round, long, square, oval and heart-shaped faces. The 2.25-inch rule is a measurement that helps determine if short hair can complement a person's face. More »

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There are many short hairstyles that are considered popular as of 2015, including bobs, pixie cuts, pompadours and shags. The websites, Styles Weekly, and provide dozens ... More »

Short haircuts include pixies, shags, pompadours, unstructured bobs, demi-bobs and super short buzz cuts. The pixie haircut can be short all over or have textured layers with long bangs. The pixie works best on women wit... More »

Some of the most popular new women's haircuts trends, as of 2015, include contoured hair, crimped hair, babylights coloring and pixie cuts, according to Marie Claire. Other popular styles include patterned hair coloring ... More »

Classic bobs, pixie cuts and shags are some examples of hair appropriate for women in their 50s. A layered bob or spiky pixie is a modern update for the styles. More »