According to Forever Health, hormone imbalance can be treated through bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, proper diet and exercise. BodyLogicMD states that hormonal treatment is commonly administered using pills, c... More » Science Human Anatomy Glands & Hormones

Hormone changes are a factor in developing malasma, according to MedicineNet. Melasma typically appears on the face, and it often occurs in women exposed to external hormones, such as those contained in birth control pil... More » Health Pain & Symptoms

Fertility pills typically work by causing the brain to release the hormones that stimulate the ovaries to produce eggs, explains. Doctors commonly prescribe the fertility drug Clomid or Serophine, known generically as cl... More » Health Women's Health Pregnancy
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Testosterone levels may be increased by hormone replacement therapy provided by a medical professional or by improvements to sleep habits, diet and other lifestyle issues. Facial hair growth also typically benefits from ... More » Science Human Anatomy Glands & Hormones

When deemed medically necessary, testosterone levels are typically raised through testosterone replacement therapy, but there are natural ways to boost testosterone such as exercise and diet modification, according to He... More » Science Human Anatomy Glands & Hormones

Male testosterone levels can be increased in safe, healthy ways, explains WebMD, primarily through lifestyle changes involving diet and exercise. Some changes that improve testosterone levels include getting adequate sle... More » Science Human Anatomy Glands & Hormones

According to RealSelf, true gynecomastia arises from a hormone imbalance that is not affected by exercise or weight loss. It may go away on its own, or medication and surgery may be needed. Male breasts arising from exce... More » Health Fitness & Exercise