A high school diploma is the certificate awarded to high school students upon graduation. Earning the diploma indicates that the student met all of the criteria set forth by the state's board of education to graduate fro... More » Education K-12

High school diploma templates are available online from several stores and organizations including the Home School Legal Defense Association and Donna Young. The diploma templates come in a variety of sizes, styles, colo... More » Education K-12

As of July 2015, there are more than 50 schools that offer online high school diplomas, including Indiana University High School, Northstar Academy, Christa McAuliffe School of Arts and Sciences, University of Missouri-M... More » Education K-12
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A high school equivalency diploma is a certificate of completion of high school requirements that allows students to obtain employment or continue their education. To obtain a high school equivalency diploma, students mu... More » Education K-12

To obtain copies of a high school diploma, former students must contact the high school they attended and submit a request in writing, according to the Central Kitsap School District. Each high school maintains an archiv... More » Education K-12

According to, 1.2 million U.S. students drop out annually as of 2015, and the United States ranked 22nd out of 27 developed countries in graduation rates in 2014. The dropout rate translates to one studen... More » Education K-12

It is possible to receive an official copy of a high school diploma by contacting the school that originally granted the diploma. Graduates can contact the school by phone or go to the school in person. More » Education K-12