Some characteristics of ferns are: they are vascular plants, they have roots and leaves (called fronds) and in some cases they have true stems. Ferns and fern allies are Pteridophytes. More »

Indoor ferns are species of leafy houseplants that are especially well-adapted for living in low-light conditions. Some common types of indoor ferns include the Boston fern, which has long fronds and is especially attrac... More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes Houseplants

Some types of ferns are poisonous to dogs. According to Vet Street, the most common threat comes from asparagus ferns, which contain sapogenin. Dogs that eat the berries of this plant are likely to undergo abdominal dist... More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs
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The identifying characteristics of a succulent plant are that their stems, roots and leaves have evolved to retain water with great efficiency. To this end, many succulents have spines or leaves that are fleshy. More »

Roses feature multiple stamens, leaves that grow in alternate patterns on the stem, symmetric, unconnected petals that number four or five, prickles on the stems and bisexual reproductive parts. Roses come in numerous co... More »

Once the leaves or stems of a zucchini plant become dead and brown, cut them off. It is also important to prune zucchini plants. Cut the new tips off near growing fruit to allow the zucchini to grow at a more rapid pace. More »

According to Garden Guides, the adaptations of the tulip include a bulb that preserves new sprouts, the ability to sprout from deep underground, thick leaves, stiff stems, waxy petals and bright colors. Each of these fea... More »