Nigeria operates a mixed economic system that is a blend of socialism and capitalism. The various private freedoms are still government regulated and are included in centralized economic planning. More » Government & Politics Foreign Laws

The country of Germany operates under a "soziale Marktwirtschaft," which translates into English as a social market economy. The system was adopted after World War II and reflects the principles of a free enterprise mark... More » World View Social Sciences

Economies worldwide fall into one of four categories: traditional, market, command and mixed. Within these categories, however, there is a considerable amount of variation. The type of economy that a market falls into de... More » World View Social Sciences Economics
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China's economic system is a blend of socialism and capitalism called a socialist market economy. Under this system, the state still owns the means of production, but the market portions out resources. More » Government & Politics Foreign Laws

The Philippine financial system is structured by type of bank including universal, commercial, savings and cooperative banks, according to statistics compiled by from noted bank adviser Paul Sheehan. Altho... More » Government & Politics Foreign Laws

The British Empire used the system of indirect rule to govern northern Nigeria from 1899 to 1906. The system used native leaders who collected taxed for the British while continuing to rule their former lands. More » Government & Politics Types of Government

Nigeria boasts a diverse geographical makeup, from wetlands and swamps to mangrove forests and savannas. The country covers a total of 356,000 square miles that are divided into 36 states and one territory. Over 174 mill... More » Geography Africa