As of January 2012, the American Kennel Club recognized 174 different breeds of dog. These breeds are divided into the following seven groups: sporting, hound, working, terrier, toy, non-sporting and herding. More »

All breeds of dogs can be trusted around children if they have been properly socialized and bred. Breeds known for being highly trainable can often excel as family dogs, since they are eager to please. Sporting dogs, a c... More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs

The English setter is considered a gun dog. It originated in Great Britain in the 1800s to retrieve birds. For a while, the English setter was known as the Laverack setter, after the breeder Sir Edward Laverack. More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs

The American Kennel Club lists 30 different registered terrier breeds. Some of the most familiar are the Scottish terrier, Norwich terrier and miniature Schnauzer. Terriers range in size from the incredibly small Cairn o... More »

The American Kennel Club has recognized the familiar blue-and-tan Yorkshire terrier since 1885. The closely related Biewer terrier began as a color variant of the standard Yorkie but is now genetically separate. As of 20... More »

Breeds that make good hunting dogs include those in the "sporting" group of the American Kennel Club, such as numerous breeds of Spaniels, Retrievers and Pointers. The Golden Retriever is a popular family dog that is a g... More »

A person can register their dog with the American Kennel Club if the dog is purebred. Owners can register their dog online at or send the application in through the mail. Also, many local municipalities require d... More »