Gender discrimination is the unfair or unequal treatment of people based on their gender or sexual orientation: gender discrimination occurs against homosexuals, heterosexuals and transgenders, and may be initiated by me... More »

People with disabilities experience discrimination when others assume they are stupid, taxis pass them by, and they are ignored. Additionally, people in wheelchairs may be denied entrance to public events due to limited ... More »

Unfair discrimination is used in the insurance industry and it refers to insurers basing their policy terms on irrelevant information. Some unfair discrimination subjects are religion, gender and race. More »

Racial, gender, age and socio-economic inequalities lead to discrimination against some people everyday. These inequalities are present in such aspects as education, the workplace, politics, community and even health car... More »

Gender equality refers to ensuring everyone gets the same resources regardless of gender, whereas gender equity aims to understand the needs of each gender and provide them with what they need to succeed in a given activ... More »

A stereotype is something that is used inherently by all people to help them determine where a person, an experience or an object falls in the realm of life and can be a good thing when it helps people to separate men fr... More »

Discrimination is the act of treating a person differently — negatively or positively — because of that person's race, class, sexual orientation or gender or any other group to which that person belongs, rather than asse... More »