Synthesis, decomposition, substitution and double displacement are four types of chemical reactions. A synthesis reaction is when two or more reactants combine to form one product. More » Science Chemistry

According to, a variety of experiments involving chemical reactions can be demonstrated in a laboratory, including a thermite and ice reaction, the Briggs-Rauscher oscillating clock, the dancing gummy bear reac... More » Science Chemistry Solutions & Mixtures

A simple type of chemical reaction in fireworks is the color produced during and after the explosion. Chemical elements, generally metals, are mixed in with the gunpowder to create colors that vary depending on the eleme... More » Science Chemistry
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Energy can play many different roles in chemical reactions, and it can be a product of a chemical reaction, a necessary component for a chemical reaction, or energy can have little part in a chemical reaction. Chemical r... More » Science Chemistry

In chemistry, the steady state approximation is an estimation of the value of a chemical equilibrium whereby one variable of the chemical reaction is fixed, or placed as a perceived constant, in order to obtain a mathema... More » Science Chemistry

Chemical reactions occur when two molecules collide with each other in a certain orientation and amount of force, which causes a chemical change due to the breaking and forming of the bonds between the atoms. Bonds are b... More » Science Chemistry

Examples of chemical changes include burning of wood, digestion of sugar, an exploding firecracker, reactions between salts and acids and lighting a matchstick. A chemical change involves changes at the atomic and molecu... More » Science Chemistry