The best time to transplant a boxwood shrub is late winter, right before growth begins, or early fall, before the ground freezes. Boxwoods can also be transplanted in very early spring before new foliage begins to grow. More »

Conifers, such as spruce, pine, rosemary and yew, are evergreen trees and shrubs. Boxwood, holly and Evergreen Viburnum are deciduous evergreen shrubs. Yucca is an evergreen succulent. More »

After choosing an area with good drainage that experiences partial to full sun, dig a hole that is twice the width of the soil ball and the same depth as the boxwood's root ball, and then place the plant in the hole and ... More »

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Trim boxwood shrubs at any time of year except in the late fall and early winter when new growth may be damaged by frost. Annual thinning, best done when the plant is dormant in late winter, keeps the bush healthy by all... More »

According to North Carolina State University extension office, the best time of year to plant a Leyland cypress is in late March, using plants that have been rooted the previous fall or winter. When planted, the trees sh... More »

The best time to prune coral bark Japanese maple is late fall or early winter when the tree is dormant. You need a pruning saw, lopping shears, bypass pruning shears and, if the tree is tall, a pole pruner. More »

To care for a holly shrub, plant the shrub in a sunlit area that drains well, water it on a weekly basis, use organic mulch to promote plant growth, and fertilize it during the fall. Also, prune the shrub lightly as desi... More »