A formative assessment is a tool for evaluating student learning during teaching in order to gauge whether students are understanding material at the time. It is a learning tool, not a final evaluation of mastery. Format... More » Education Standardized Tests

Educational assessment tools include rubrics, graphic organizers, portfolios, feedback tools and discussion tools. Some educational tools help schools evaluate student performance, while others permit self evaluations of... More » Education K-12

Teachers can assess students by asking questions during a lesson, having students reflect on a lesson in a class discussion or in writing, checking homework, giving quizzes and tests, and assigning projects that require ... More » Education K-12
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Printable learning styles tests can be read aloud by parents and teachers as students mark answers; at the end of the assessment, answers are tallied and scored to reveal a student's learning style, according to Concordi... More » Education Standardized Tests

SRI Testing is a "computer-adaptive" reading comprehension test that assesses students' reading levels and tracks student growth over time. It also matches readers to text and helps guide instruction utilizing the READ 1... More » Education Standardized Tests

myON Reader is a kindergarten through eighth grade literacy program that includes a broad selection of digital books that incorporate multimedia features to get students engaged in reading; it also includes reporting and... More » Education

As an online learning and teaching tool, ThinkCentral provides students and teachers with coursework and resources that they can access from anywhere at any time. ThinkCentral hosts Houghton Mifflin's teaching and learni... More » Education K-12 K-12 Curriculum