The economy of Peru varies according to the different climate zones of the country, with agriculture and fishing being two of the main branches. Peru is the 47th freest country in the world by economic freedom score, acc... More » Government & Politics Foreign Laws

Iran, Cuba, China and North Korea have command economies. In a command or planned economy, a central government authority formulates economic decisions, and the government implements each plan through legislation, direct... More » World View Social Sciences Economics

Brazil's economy classifies as free market, which features an exchange of goods, services and commodities internally and with other nations. Brazil varies in degree of economic freedom; in the early 2000s, Brazil's econo... More » World View Social Sciences Economics
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Peru is the third largest country in South America, with a total population of 27,947,000. Peru contains three distinct geographical regions: the coast in the western part of the country, the Andean highlands in central ... More » Geography South America

Peru is a country on the western coast of South America that borders Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile. Captured by Spanish Conquistadors in 1533, Peru was once the seat of several Andean civilizations, includ... More » Geography South America

The modern Chinese government is tasked with maintaining its centralized authority, managing the country’s economy, and administering the government’s enormous bureaucracy. The Chinese government has a long tradition of ... More » Government & Politics Foreign Laws

All branches of the Canadian federal government are located and meet in the country's capital of Ottawa in the province of Ontario. The Parliament of Canada consists of all branches of the federal government and is locat... More » Government & Politics Foreign Laws