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25 Things You Should Not Do Over Email. Lead. 25 Acts of Email Cruelty. ... You'd be surprised how often people send suggestive emails, making a permanent record of the debauchery that's easy to ...


Not cool. Here are 9 things you shouldn’t do with email. 1. You shouldn’t leave someone hanging. For a lot of correspondences, all you need to respond to an email are two letters: o and k. Actually, the person on the receiving will probably understand you with just a k. Send a letter or two to confirm that you received someone’s email.


No matter how much you use email on a professional level, there are five you should never do in an email. And so here is a bit of professional email etiquette advice—namely, five things you should never do.


Some people go a bit overboard when it comes to sending emails. Before you send an email to one of your clients, you need to think about whether or not it is really needed. The last thing you want to do is annoy a client with emails that are pointless. ... Here are common things you should avoid in a professional email. Stay away from these things.


Now that I’ve proved I’m a little obsessed with email (I am so relatable), I want to share all my best tips with you. 1. Start with a plan or objective. Before you send out your email or even start drafting it, you should have an idea of what you want your email to achieve. Are you looking to drive traffic to your blog?


6 Things to Check Before Sending Your Next Email Do this flight check before you fire off a business message. By John Brandon Contributing editor, Inc.com @ jmbrandonbb


4 Things to Check Before Sending Any Email (The World Will Thank You For Doing This) First off, before sending any email, Crenshaw recommends counting to 10. By doing this, it’ll give you time to detach yourself from it and review the email more objectively. The next step is to actually review the email. The four things you should look for are:


29 Responses to “11 Things to Consider Before You Send the Next Email” Chinanetrix on April 06, 2010 6:00 am. These are great tips for preparing to send out an email with a punch. As I am involved in a lot of e-marketing campaigns, I would also like to add – Timing of delivery.


Forth, you must know the email address of the person/people you want to send an email to. and fill it in in the " to:" field. ... What are two things you should do when sending an email?


But, when you use poor judgment in an email to your boss, co-worker, or client, you’ve created a digital record of your mistake that could come back to bite you. While typos are one thing, there are some more-egregious mistakes people make when writing work emails. These 13 things should never show up in a professional email.