Four-stroke engines power gasoline and diesel oil vehicles. Two-stroke engines are found in equipment that requires a lower level of power, such as chain saws, model planes and dirt bikes. More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance

The best way to determine the oil and gas ratio for two-stroke engines is to consult the owner’s manual for the equipment. The owner’s manual tells the user the exact ratio of oil-to-gas for two-stroke engines based on t... More » Vehicles

Troubleshoot a two-stroke engine by checking for problems in the fuel system, ignition system and compression system. Start by examining the fuel system, followed by the ignition system and then the compression system. More » Home & Garden Outdoor
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Mercedes Benz does not itself manufacture motorhomes powered by gasoline or diesel. However, multiple recreational vehicle manufacturers use Mercedes' diesel-powered Sprinter van chassis as the base for their motorhomes.... More » Vehicles

While the specifics of individual models may vary, diesel motorhomes tend to be more fuel efficient than gas motor homes because diesel fuel allows for the creation of more energy than gasoline. However, in most areas, d... More » Vehicles

Electric car motors have higher initial costs, lower costs of recharging and maintenance, higher economic life, and are safer for the environment than gasoline engines. Although gasoline engines are high-maintenance, det... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance

Sea Foam is a cleaner, lubricant and moisture controller for interior engine components of gasoline, diesel and ethanol engines. It is a 100 percent petroleum product safe for seals, gaskets, oxygen sensors, catalytic co... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance