Hair should not be dyed twice in one week. This will expose the hair to the harsh chemicals two times in a short time frame. The general rule is to wait at least 4 weeks before coloring the hair again. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hair Color

The letter "E" appears twice in the word "week" but only once in the word "year." The question is a riddle that plays on expectations. More » Hobbies & Games Jokes

Muscle & Strength explains that most weight training experts do not recommend working out the same muscle group more than once per training session. Overworking the muscles leads to severe muscle breakdown. More » Health Fitness & Exercise Muscle Toning
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To fix your hair after it bleaching, do not shampoo it for at least a week, moisturize your locks with olive oil, apply deep-conditioning balm, comb your hair gently, blow dry it with cool air, and style it without hot i... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hair Color

Growing out dyed hair to reveal one's natural color can be done to rid the hair of harsh dye chemicals. The process is also ideal for individuals who no longer want to hide gray hair. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hair Color

Depending on the individual's hair washing routine, and the amount of food coloring used to dye the hair, food coloring can last from as little as one week on to a couple of months according to Using a... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hair Color

When looking for the perfect hair color, it is important to remember that one can go up to three shades darker than one's natural color but only two shades lighter. When choosing a color, one must also consider skin tone... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hair Color