Customers can locate TV repair shops in their area by choosing a national or local organization, visiting the company website and searching by location, as noted by the National Electronics Service Dealers Association, S... More »

As of 2016, the website can help individuals find a local repairman within the U.S. to fix a television. HomeAdvisor and the Yellow Pages are other options. More » Technology Television & Video

To locate local television repair shops, visit websites that give information about local businesses, such as Alternatively, choose websites that specifically provide information about TV repair shops or TV rep... More » Technology Television & Video
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To voice a complaint to Sears, consumers can go to the company website,, and live chat, phone or email a customer representative. To make a formal complaint, it is best to do it by writing a letter. More »

A repair shop for a Hotpoint dryer can be found directly on the Hotpoint website, or repairs can be done through Sears Home Services. Hotpoint recommends using certified GE technicians to repair a Hotpoint dryer, and app... More » Home & Garden Appliances Washers & Dryers

To find the location of a Landmark Theatre use the location finder tool on the company’s website, You can select a specific city from the drop-down menu or view all Landmark Theatre locations. More »

A shopper can find a Brighton store location by entering her ZIP code and specifying distance on the company's website. Store options include Specialty Retailers, Heart Stores and Brighton Collectibles. More »