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Those who turn 65 can sign up for Medicare online at the SSA.gov website, reports the Social Security Administration. Alternatively, individuals are able to sign up for Medicare by phone or by visiting the local Social Security office, advises Medicare.gov.


As of 2015, the eligible age for Medicare is 65. However, people can qualify for Medicare at a younger age if they have been entitled to Social Security benefits for at least two years or if they have renal disease, according to the Congressional Budget Office.


Medicare is a federal health care program offering medical coverage for all Americans age 65 and older, along with younger people with disabilities and those with end-stage renal disease, a chronic kidney disease. Medicare offers eligible individuals care in four basic ...


Individuals with certain types of disabilities may be eligible to receive Medicare before the age of 65. Typically, individuals who have applied for disability benefits receive Medicare after receiving those benefits for over 24 months, though ALS patients receive Medic...


People who begin receiving monthly Social Security benefits at age 65 receive less in monthly payments than if they wait until full retirement age, reports the Social Security Administration. However, if they do not sign up for Medicare Part B by age 65, they must pay a...


Medicare coverage can be received before age 65 if certain conditions are met, according to the Medicare Rights Center. These benefits are available to U.S. citizens as well as people with resident visas who have lived in the United States for five consecutive years.


Most Americans immediately become eligible for Medicare when they turn age 65. What exactly needs to be done to get it set up depends on whether or not a person is receiving any Social Security or Railroad Retirement benefits.