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Turmeric is a bright yellow spice made from the root of the Curcuma longa plant. It has a distinct bitter, peppery flavor.


Turmeric is an ingredient in curry seasoning mixes, chutneys and mustard pickles as well as many rice, poultry and vegetable dishes. Turmeric is a common substitute for saffron because it costs less.


To use a mustard poultice to treat chest congestion, mix mustard powder and flour with warm water to form a thick paste. Wrap the paste in a piece of fabric and apply it to the chest area for about 20 minutes, says the Wellspring School.


Outside of its usual place in curries and other dishes where it provides flavor and color, turmeric is used to treat arthritis, heartburn and stomach pain, according to WebMD. A powerful natural herb and anti-inflammatory, turmeric is also used to treat headaches, bronc...


A bread poultice is made by mashing any type of bread into a liquid, usually milk, until the bread is fully soaked. It is a popular homemade remedy against infections, boils and the removal of foreign matter, such as splinters.


Turmeric can be used in a variety of recipes, especially those of Indian cuisine such as curries and salads. The bright golden color of the root can also be used to both season and color foods.


Turmeric powder comes from the turmeric plant and is used for spicing food or for medicine, depending on the part of the plant being ground, says WebMD. The root is more conventionally used for medicines that treat heartburn, arthritis, stomach ailments, jaundice, liver...