You can apply the oil with a cheesecloth pad, a brush or a cotton cloth that's clean. Ensure that you apply a large amount of oil straight on to the wood. Spread the oil with circular motions, making sure that the entire... More » Home & Garden Furniture

Tung oil has better water resistance than does linseed oil, according to The Finishing For this reason, tung oil is often used on outdoor furniture. Both linseed oil and tung oil dry to thin, satin finishes. More »

Oil has many industrial and household uses. Crude oil, a non-renewable fossil fuel, is refined into gasoline and diesel fuels that power automobiles and other engines. Oil is also used to lubricate moving metal parts in ... More » Business & Finance Industries

In order to lime wash wooden furniture, a bronze brush, sandpaper, furniture brush, gloves, cheese cloth, liming wax, steel wool, mineral spirits, wax and finishing oil are needed. Beginners are able to lime wash wooden ... More » Home & Garden Furniture

Queen Anne furniture, named after the English monarch who ruled from 1702 to 1714, is known for its fiddle-back chairs, bat-wing-shaped drawer pulls and cabriole legs that end in a drake foot or pad. The style is a refin... More » Home & Garden Furniture

Use a soft brush to vacuum loose spores on the furniture, then dip a cloth in diluted dishwashing detergent and wipe the affected area. Another way to remove mold is to spray vinegar on the affected area, let it sit for ... More » Home & Garden Furniture

To refinish Roxton furniture, sand it, clean it off, apply the maple stain and apply oil or sealant. Because Roxton Furniture Ltd went out of business in 2005 and the company's original stain is no longer sold, select an... More » Home & Garden Furniture