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Pure dry tung oil left on surfaces will also scuff leaving white marks like dry skin. So always thin Pure Tung Oil in floor applications and wipe off the excess. Using the 1 part Pure Tung Oil to 1 part thinner, apply the same way as the first application with a brush or sponge mop.


Question: When the installer installed our oak hardwood floor he put several coats of tung oil on it. He advised us tung oil would be better than urethane because we have dogs and the scratches their nails leave (and I clip the nails regularly, I’m a dog groomer)could be erased by rubbing the scratch with […]


Did the tung oil seal well enough that the floors survived in the kitchen? Were the floors more work to maintain and clean? I have three kiddos (a set of twins in there) so we are going to be pretty hard on the floors. I love that the tung oil is natural and beautiful, but low maintenance and durability are going to be musts for us!


Waterlox for Flooring. Waterlox bestows floors with a rich, natural-looking hand-rubbed appearance that enhances the wood grain. The preferred finish for most flooring restoration and refinishing projects, Waterlox has a unique blend of tung oil and resin that penetrates deep into the wood and seals wood fibers beneath the surface to achieve a thoroughly protected old-world presence.


Tung oil occurs naturally in seeds of the Chinese Tung Tree. It is is a drying oil, which came to North America around a century ago and was used historically for furniture and coatings. Most old-home restorers preferred this oil since it was easy to apply and maintain a low sheen making the floor look natural.


Putting Tung Oil on Cypress Pine Floorboards Here we are, these past three days, putting tung oil on the wooden floorboards of Radclyffe Hall, at Nymphwood estate. At least the very hot weather ...


How to Clean Wood Floors Finished With Tung Oil. Tung oil is a naturally-occurring substance extracted from the seeds of the tung tree. It was a popular substance that was used to seal hardwood floors before the 1930s, but has since been replaced by polyurethane and other more durable sealants. Some floors sealed with tung oil still exist in older...


Overview. Minwax® Tung Oil Finish creates a remarkably durable, hand-rubbed luster in minutes. Easy to maintain, it is the ideal protective finish for woods that have been refinished because it penetrates wood pores to restore vitality to dry, thirsty wood.


The advantage of the oil soluble stains is that they do not raise the grain. Also Citrus Solvent and mineral spirits tend to dry slower providing more time to work the stain. When dry proceed with finishing. Mixing Stain and Pure Tung Oil. You can also mix oil soluble aniline dye crystals with the Pure Tung Oil.