Teak oil may contain linseed, rosewood or tung oil and a variety of other ingredients. Some teak oils may contain UV light inhibitors for sun protection or mildew inhibitors. The oil is not derived from the teak tree, bu... More »

You can apply the oil with a cheesecloth pad, a brush or a cotton cloth that's clean. Ensure that you apply a large amount of oil straight on to the wood. Spread the oil with circular motions, making sure that the entire... More »

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Tung oil has better water resistance than does linseed oil, according to The Finishing Store.com. For this reason, tung oil is often used on outdoor furniture. Both linseed oil and tung oil dry to thin, satin finishes. More »

Linseed oil finishes take more time to dry than teak oil finishes. Linseed oil isn't appropriate for finishing outdoor woodworking projects and is better for older projects already finished with the oil. More »

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Coffee creamers contain a variety of ingredients including a form of hydrogenated vegetable oil, sugar, sodium and food coloring. There will be slight differences in ingredients depending on the brand. More »

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Most multipurpose contact lens solutions contain three classes of ingredients: surfactants, disinfectants and enzymatic cleaners. The disinfectant is designed to kill bacteria, while the surfactant removes any debris tha... More »

Linseed oil, also called flaxseed oil, serves a variety of purposes, including enhancing medicines to alleviate symptoms associated with various medical conditions, to soothe and soften skin, and to produce a range of ma... More »

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