A trust company is a legal entity owned by a bank or other financial institution, law firm or independent partnership that manages trusts, trust funds and estates for individuals, businesses and other entities, explains ... More »

The Deutsche Bank National Trust Company is a California-based subsidiary of Deutsche Bank Holdings, Inc. It was founded in 1986 and, prior to 2002, was known as the Bankers Trust Company of California, National Associat... More »

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The Pensco Trust Company offers trust services that include holding private equity, notes, real estate and other types of xchange-traded assets, explains The Pensco Trust Company. It provides services to individual inves... More »

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Financial institutions provide financing, facilitate economic transactions, issue funds, offer insurance and hold deposits for businesses and individuals. Financial institutions are private or public organizations that s... More »

National Australia Bank is a banking and financial organization that offers a range of services to individuals and businesses. As of 2015, the bank is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, and it offers services in Aust... More »

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Firms undertake mergers and acquisitions to create larger companies, maximize shareholder value and strengthen the financial position of the company, according to Investopedia. These deals also bolster the purchasing pow... More »

The 1099 tax form is maintained online on the IRS government website alongside all other tax forms necessary for individuals, small businesses, charitable trusts and other entities that must interact with the tax system.... More »

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