Plant trumpet vine seeds 1/4" deep directly in garden soil or into a deep, soil-filled container. Trumpet vines prefer full sun, but can also thrive in partial shade. More »

There is a variety of honeysuckle that produces orange flowers, called the western trumpet honeysuckle or simply just orange honeysuckle (Lonicera ciliosa). This flowering vine can reach a height of 23 feet, has a grayis... More »

Growing trumpet vines from seeds requires only a few gardening tools, compost, water and a trellis or other structure to support the vines. Trumpet vines are hardy, fast-growing perennials that adapt easily to almost any... More »

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Plant a hibiscus in a pot by choosing the right kind of container, using well-drained soil, placing the plant in a good location and watering the plant well. You need a pot and porous potting mix. More »

Plant chrysanthemums in your garden by selecting a location that receives at least five hours of direct sunlight per day, ensuring the soil drains well and putting them in the ground in the early spring. When picking out... More »

High quality soil, a sunny location and the right types of herbs are needed to grow a successful container garden. The Royal Horticultural Society says to sow the seeds in early spring indoors, then place the seedlings i... More »

Plant Virginia creeper in a tub by starting a new plant, preparing the tub, transplanting the vine and adding a trellis. Water and fertilize the tub regularly to ensure proper growth. More »