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Two of the most popular spray-on bed liners are Rhino and Line-X, which both typically require expert installation. Line-X is known for being harder than Rhino, making it a better option for some types of hauling but worse for other types.


A pickup truck bed liner installation generally involves cleaning the bed, placing the truck bed liner onto the truck, and fastening the liner in place. There are two types of truck bed liners: drop-in truck bed liners and spray-on truck bed liners.


A spray-on truck bed liner permanently bonds to the truck to protect it against all weather conditions, scratching, chipping, fading and rusting. A spray-on liner also provides a slip-resistant surface and helps to muffle road noise.


Information about retail locations where Rhino truck bed liners are sold is available through the retailer search tool on the Rhino Linings website. Rhino bed liners are spray-on protective coatings and are only available for purchase from official retail locations.


Truck bedliners that fit Chevrolet trucks vary according to the model and year, but as of 2015, the WeatherTech TechLiner bed mat and BedTred Pro bed liner get high ratings from RealTruck.com customer reviewers. Auto Anything customer reviewers rate the BedRug truck bed...


Roll-on bed liners provide a protective barrier between the surface and any items stored in the bed of a truck. Liners provide protection for the bottom of the truck bed as well as the wells and wheel wells. Installation of a liner can ensure that everyday use is less l...


Install spray-on truck bed liners by using a paint spray gun on a clean and dry truck bed. Before beginning, it is important to wash the truck bed using a car soap that is free of any wax or other protectants that could affect the liner's adherence.