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Some of the best camper shells are those made by Snugtop, although the best model depends on which features the buyer needs. Other popular manufacturers of truck shells include Leer, A.R.E. and Century.


The most important consideration for a short truck bed camper is to identify the weight of the camper that your truck can handle. You can usually access details on the maximum weight limit of a truck on the edge of the driver door or in the vehicle owner's manual.


The method for setting up a used short bed truck camper is the same as with a new model, which is to use a combination of camper tiedowns and turnbuckles to attach the camper to the truck. Tiedowns are the components that connects to the truck, while turnbuckles are the...


Some good websites that list used truck campers include Campingword.com, eBay.com and Rvt.com. Shoppers can search for used truck campers on these websites by year, length, make, model and price.


Buy used truck campers online through sites such as Camping World, RV Trader, eBay and Craigslist. Many of these sites contain listings from both private sellers as well as dealers, which means that the exact terms of each sale, including payment method and delivery opt...


Jack up the camper shell, back the truck underneath, lower the shell, install the brackets and attach the tie-down and turnbuckle assembly to install a camper on a pickup truck. The type and number of securing mounts may vary between truck models. The process requires a...


Used truck campers can be found for sale through recreational vehicle sales sites such as RV Trader and Camping World, as well as through online auctions sites such as eBay. The number and selection of models available on these sites frequently changes based on producti...