ZTE cell phones are considerably less expensive than similar cell phones produced by competitors, while still retaining features such as large screens and strong basic functionality. However, the performance of ZTE phone... More »

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ZTE offers an online troubleshooting service through the support page on the company's website. Using this service, users can join the live chat or use the online resources to troubleshoot problems with ZTE phones. More »

There are a variety of locations to find a user manual for ZTE phones, including directly from ZTEdevice.com or from the cell phone service provider. Although the ZTE website has support manuals for all of its products, ... More »

As of 2015, ZTE provides free manuals for its cell phones on the company website. It offers manuals for several models of phones, available in both English and Spanish. More »

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To install a SIM card into a ZTE phone, locate the SIM card holder inside the phone, insert the SIM card into the SIM card slot, and then restart the phone. This process works for ZTE Zinger, however, the exact process d... More »

To unlock a ZTE phone, enter the factory unlock code based on the phone’s international mobile equipment identity number. Sites such as Unlock Mob, UnlockItNow.com and Unlockninja allow you to look up the code for your d... More »

The ZTE website has a list of available phones that can be viewed by site visitors. The company mostly carries smartphones, but other styles are supported, such as flip phones. More »

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