The first step to troubleshooting an anti-lock brake system is checking the fuse that manages the brakes. If the fuse is functional, check the harness of the ABS controller for signs of corrosion. Then check the wheel se... More »

ABS brake repair refers to the process of troubleshooting or repairing any issues found in a car's antilock braking system or the ABS controller. A car owner can identify if a vehicle's ABS requires repair if the ABS lig... More »

The most common anti-lock braking system problems include a blown fuse to the system. Another common problem may arise from corrosion or damage to the wiring harness for the main controller or to the wheels and sensors t... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance Brakes

An ABS module, or ABS control module, refers to a car's anti-lock brake system, which controls the ABS system. The controls are directed in response to data that is gathered from the sensors placed around the car. The AB... More »

As of 2016, companies that repair anti-lock braking system disc brakes include Sears Auto, Firestone Complete Auto Care and Midas. Customers can find the closest location of any of the retailers by entering a ZIP code in... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance Brakes

Some common problems with anti-lock brakes include faulty brake sensors and leaks in the brake master cylinder due to corrosion. The problems tend to develop gradually and in many cases are manufacturer-specific, says Yo... More »

A vehicle may stall when someone hits the brakes due to problems with the transmitter throttle trim, low speed needle, clutch spring, engine idle speed and brake linage. Some of the issues require part replacement and so... More »