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... including people with dementia, vision impairments and cognitive delays, ... very difficult to get the residents to sing or answer the trivia questions.


There are many different stages that a person with Alzheimer's and Dementia will go through. It is ... Simple trivia questions. 91. Finish Bible quotes.


Jul 31, 2019 ... True or False Currently, there is no cure for Alzheimer's disease? ... services to Alzheimer's and dementia patients throughout Chicago and ...


Apr 14, 2021 ... Taking turns, they answered a series of math equations involving addition, subtraction, and some division. Trivia questions ranged from movie ...


Jun 22, 2021 ... Answer: D. Adherence is the degree to which a patient follows a doctor's advice. Blood-pressure medication regimens, for example, are known for ...


Nov 22, 2020 ... Parkinson's Disease. This Quizz is to understand factors and dealing with dementia patients. Deterioration in communication. Impaired judgement.


Jun 30, 2020 ... If grandpa or grandma is showing the early signs of dementia, talking with them can help them retain memories (or even spark new memories) ...


Nov 12, 2020 ... Other Cognitive Activities. DementiAbility has a variety of word searches, trivia questions, and math problems to stimulate the brain. Reading ...


May 20, 2020 ... Activities also include reading and sometimes trivia questions. “Secondly we'll popcorn read or they can read on their own and then we will move ...


Oct 18, 2016 ... When can a definite diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease be made? A At the onset of Alzheimer's. B After the death of the patient.


Question 4. Which of the following best reflects the evidence on the side effects in the first year of giving donepezil to patients with Alzheimer disease?