Trigonometry is used by engineers, medical services technicians, mathematicians, data entry specialists, loggers, statisticians, actuaries, drafters, chemists, economists, physicists, registered nurses, building inspecto... More » Math Geometry Trigonometry

Carpenters use math for measuring and cutting, for determining the amount of material and manpower required for a job and for determining the amount to bid for a particular job. Carpenters must understand addition, subtr... More » Math Arithmetic

Conduit bending math is the math used by electricians to decide where to apply force to electrical conduit to create the right shaped bend in the right place for accurate installation. Electrical conduit is the tubes or ... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Electrical
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Some examples of jobs that use quadratic equations are actuaries, mathematicians, statisticians, economists, physicists and astronomers. In math, a quadratic equation is defined as a polynomial equation that has one or m... More » Business & Finance Careers Career Aspirations

Trigonometry developed in many parts of the world over thousands of years, but the mathematicians who are most credited with its discovery are Hipparchus, Menelaus and Ptolemy. Isaac Newton and Euler contributed developm... More » Math Geometry Trigonometry

Architects use trigonometry to describe the shapes and forms of a building using numerical equations. These equations are translated easily by any contractor to reproduce the exact building the architect had in mind. More » Math Geometry Trigonometry

A typical trigonometry problem is: If the bottom of a ladder leaning against a building is 15 feet from the base of the building and forms a 45-degree angle with the ground, how tall is the ladder? Another example involv... More » Math Geometry Trigonometry