The TRICARE For Life health plan is a supplement to Medicare coverage, as explained by TRICARE. Individuals must have both Medicare Part A and Part B, as well as meet additional qualifications, in order to receive TRICAR... More »

Tricare beneficiaries must have both Medicare Part A and B to qualify for Tricare for Life. To be eligible for Tricare at all, individuals must have been a member of the Uniformed Service or the National Guard/Reserve. T... More »

Individuals who are eligible for TRICARE for Life do not need to enroll in the program because coverage begins automatically, explains the TRICARE website. Individuals are eligible if they are enrolled in Medicare Part A... More »

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Procedures for making appointments with TRICARE depend on the particular health care plan, but prime plan subscribers can contact a primary care manager by phone, according to TRICARE. If the primary care manager is loca... More »

TRICARE Prime is a health plan for active-duty service members, retired service members, activated Guard and Reserve members, survivors and the families of these members, according to TRICARE. Eligible former spouses, Me... More »

The TRICARE call center handles issues such as enrollment in a health care plan and the processing of customer claims, as stated by TRICARE. The center also addresses concerns relating to eligibility for TRICARE benefits... More »

ID cards are not necessary for the TRICARE For Life plan. Those who are enrolled only need a uniformed services military ID card, according to the TRICARE website. More »