As of March 22, 2015, the toll for a car to cross the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge, otherwise known as the Triborough Bridge, is $8, according to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. If the driver has the E-ZPass auto ... More »

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge is 17.6 miles long. It includes a submerged tunnel that allows sea vessels to pass without the need of a drawbridge. More »

The seven man-made wonders of the United States include the Brooklyn Bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Empire State Building, the Seattle Space Needle and Hoover Dam. The seven natural wonders include the Grand Canyon,... More »

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In New York City, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority offers an extensive set of public transportation services including subways, buses and commuter trains. Buses and subways are the main vehicles used to operate ... More »

The website of the State of New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority provides information about all forms of public transport within its area. Full details of all New York City Subway services, including the R-tr... More »

Rate information for the Long Island Rail Road is found on the website of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Information is available for specific trips, but a map showing all stations and fare zones is also offe... More »

The website of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority provides a map of its subway system. The map, in PDF format, is available for viewing online or download and shows bus and rail connections to subway services. More »