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The area of a triangle is found by multiplying one-half times its base times its height. According to Wolfram Mathworld, Beyer and Baker there are 110 formulas for the area of a triangle.


When the lengths of all sides of a triangle are added, the result is called the perimeter of the triangle. In general, a perimeter is the distance of the curve that borders a lamina or a two-dimensional closed planar surface. Half of a triangle's perimeter is called the...


In geometry, the triangle is a polygon that has three sides. There can be different types of triangles, but the sum of the three angles in this polygon is equal to 180 degrees. In the context of religion, alchemy and occultism, the triangle has a variety of meanings, in...


A triangle has three angle that total 180 degrees. In an acute triangle, all three angles are less than 90 degrees. A right triangle has one angle that is 90 degrees, and an obtuse triangle has one angle that is greater than 90 degrees.


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No matter what type of triangle is in question, there are always three angles in a triangle. The angle sizes vary on the type of triangle, but there are always three that add up to 180 degrees.


The fire triangle is composed of oxygen, heat and fuel. It is sometimes called the fire tetrahedron because of a fourth component, chemical reactions. Fires start with just the first three elements, but they cannot remain burning without the heat produced through chemic...