Templates for trifold brochures are pre-existing patterns used to create trifold brochures quickly and easily with standard word-processing programs. Trifold brochure templates are available online at an... More »

The StockLayouts, freepik and LayOutReady websites provide downloadable tri-fold brochure templates. Some of the templates are free and some are for sale. All of the templates can be edited by the user. More » provides free access to a template for a tri-fold brochure that is fully customizable. Within the template, users can access agency-quality graphics, original artwork, logo designs and high-quality photo... More »

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There are several free programs available for creating a tri-fold brochure, such as Microsoft Word and Google Docs. The basic process involves choosing a template from the available programs and editing the brochure in l... More »

Templates for school permission forms are available on and These templates are optimized for use in Microsoft Word and can be edited on the computer before printing. More » and are some of the websites that offer free timetable templates. These sites provide these templates in various formats, including Excel and Word. More »

Templates and examples of contract termination letters are available at and An additional template tool that allows users to create their own contract termination letter can be found at Ro... More »