Trees with yellow flowers include the yellow buckeye, the golden chain tree and the sweet acacia. These trees all produce yellow flowers at various times of the year, generally in spring or summer. More »

The yellow jacket's diet changes depending upon the time of year. During the summer, yellow jackets eat insects, primarily spiders, caterpillars and flies, and feed their babies liquefied versions of these insects. In la... More »

The national flower of Brazil is the ipe-amarelo. The ipe-amarelo is actually a flowering tree that blooms in brilliant yellow flowers during the September and October months. The blooms only last around a week. More »

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Highway M-119 that runs for a 30-mile stretch in Michigan is referred to as the "Tunnel of Trees" because the hardwood forest borders the roadway's edges. Other famous tunnels include the Tunnel of Love in the Ukraine, C... More »

Available books identifying trees by picture include 'The National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Trees,' 'Trees of North America: A Guide to Field Identification,' 'The Tree Identification Book' and 'Iden... More »

When planning to prune bottle brush trees, prune after fading of the flowers and ensure retention of the shrubs’ natural shape or shape it into an umbrella-like top. Remove all suckers and shoots growing on the main trun... More »

Identify sassafras trees by examining the leaves, bark, tree height, flowers, fruit, scent and geographic location of the trees. You need a field guide for comparison. Sassafras trees are usually easy to identify by taki... More »