To create a tree trunk face, draw an approximate sketch on the wood, marking details such as eyes, mouth and nose, cut it into a rough shape with a chainsaw, then continue to make more detailed sketches and finer cuts. F... More » Art & Literature Fine Art

Damaged trees seal themselves. It is not recommended to paint the wound. To help the tree repair damage and prevent infestations, you will need a saw and insecticide. The time required varies based on the severity of the... More »

Trees that have thorns on the trunk are the honey locust and the coral tree. The honey locust, in particular, is notorious for the long and vicious thorns that grow on its trunk. More »

Make a simple smiling face emoticon by typing a colon to represent the eyes, followed by a minus sign to represent the nose and finally a close parenthesis to represent the mouth. Some programs also support alt code smil... More » Art & Literature Graphic Design

Some woodcarving tools for beginners include chip carving knives, gouges and chisels, and techniques include cutting along the grain and sketching out wood cuts. Another beginner technique is learning how to correctly us... More » Art & Literature Fine Art

Make a clay mask by tracing and cutting a face shape out of a clay slab and adding the appropriate facial features. The length of this project varies depending on the level of detail you add to the mask. You need paper, ... More » Art & Literature Fine Art

Carving a wooden bear is a five-step process that includes choosing the wood and using a chainsaw for the rough shape, a chisel and mallet for definition of the bear, a carving knife for adding dimensional details and a ... More » Art & Literature Fine Art