A sloth can be adopted through the World Animal Foundation's website by filling out the necessary information and paying the fee. Other organizations that arrange for sloth adoptions include the Lincoln Park Zoo and the ... More »

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Bradypus pygmaeus, known as pygmy three-toed sloth, is a critically endangered species because of human threats and predators. They are endemic to Isla Escudo de Veraguas, an island in Panama that is protected as a wildl... More »

Sloths eat leaves, shoots and fruits from trees and get most of their water from juicy plants. They are called folivores, since their diet consists of buds, tender shoots and leaves of the Cecropia tree. Some two-toed sl... More »

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To find the monthly membership fee for Curves, go to the company's website, click on Find a Center to search for the location of interest, and then contact the Curves associate for more information. Each Curves location ... More »

Register for the ACT, also known as American College Test, by creating an account on the ACT website, filling in the required information, uploading a photo and paying the required fee. The process takes just a few minut... More »

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Permanent resident card fee information is available online at USCIS.gov, according to the website. Individuals can click the Forms link on the top left of the home page and then click the I-485, Apply for a Green Card l... More »

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Students can register at the NCAA Eligibility Center by collecting the required documentation, creating an account at the eligibility center website, entering the information requested and paying a fee. All students who ... More »

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