Soak the roots of a bare-root tree for 60 minutes in a bucket of warm water before planting it in a hole twice the size of the root spread. Set the tree crown slightly above soil level, with the roots hanging down from a... More »

Basic care instructions for a dwarf Korean lilac tree include planting it during the early spring in rich, well-drained soil. Choose a location that gets full sun for at least six hours a day. More »

Lily bulbs should be planted in the autumn in loamy, well-drained soil. For warmer climates where the soil does not freeze, the bulbs need to be refrigerated prior to planting so that they have a cold, dormant period in ... More »

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In order to water a tree, you must obtain a proper amount of water, depending on the tree size, and pour it onto the base of the tree, making sure the roots absorb the water. The soil around the tree should be moist but ... More »

To transplant a pine tree, cut its long roots, remove existing vegetation from the transplant site, dig the planting hole, dig up and transplant the tree, plant it, cover the roots, and water the tree. This three-month p... More »

Some types of trees thrive when grown in pots, and the ideal size of tree's pot depends on the plant's root system, according to HGTV. Pot sizes can range from 10 inches in diameter to 18 inches in diameter and larger. More »

To grow a mango tree, prepare an appropriate growing spot, make sure the soil drains properly, plant the root ball, water the tree, fertilize it three times per year and watch for pests. Growing a mango tree is fairly ea... More »