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Treehouse provides youth in foster care in Washington with academic & other essential support they need to graduate from high school & pursue their dreams.


The Tree House opened on April 15, 2013, thanks to amazing community support and the dedication and hard work of the members of Tree House Child and Family Center (formerly the Walworth County Alliance for Children or WCAC). The Tree House is the home of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin’s Walworth County Child Advocacy Center.


The second rule is, the kids should be involved. The building of a treehouse was an important selling point when we told our boys we were moving out of the big, exciting city to a sleepy rural town.


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Treehouse ideas will fill the minds of many families with kids or even when babies are still on their way. It’s a tradition and part of many childhood memories. There are lots of treehouse ideas you can choose from, making it difficult to decide which one is perfect for your backyard.


Here are 70 pictures of super fun kids tree houses and tree forts. Some are way up high in the tree canopy while others are lower to the ground. Huge variety. - Advertisement - Researching, getting photographs and publishing this post on fun kid’s tree houses was a lot of fun because it brought me back to my tree house building heyday.


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IMPORTANT RESOURCE: Before we show you some awesome designs of treehouses for kids, we highly recommend the complete guide to designing and building a treehouse. It is the leading book for designing a kids treehouse, complete with step-by-step details and full plans. It includes important not to be missed details on securing the structure to multiple trees, ensuring that it is safe.


This tree house isn’t big like some shown above. But it isn’t just a deck either. It is a good, medium-sized tree house that would be great as an outdoor play area for children. So if your kids have been begging you to build them a masterpiece made of wood then this tree house could very well be it. Build this tree house › 15. DIY Tree Deck