Possible causes of a rib fracture include direct impact to the chest and intense coughing, a symptom common in patients with osteoporosis, cancer or other conditions that weaken the bones, according to WebMD. Contact spo... More »

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Most fractured ribs heal within a month or two, states Mayo Clinic. While the rib is healing, it is very important to control pain so the patient can breathe comfortably. When a cracked rib prevents deep breathing, lung ... More »

A rib fracture can affect the heart by damaging the aorta or other major blood vessels, according to Mayo Clinic. Blunt cardiac injury is a common complication from rib fractures, according to The American Association fo... More »

The causes of muscle spasms in the rib cage include injuries to the chest, rib fracture, inflamed rib cartilage, diseases such as osteoporosis and inflamed lining of the lungs as reported by Healthline. Symptoms of muscl... More »

Most commonly, bruised ribs or pulled muscles cause rib cage pain, but certain medical conditions, such as costochondritis or osteoporosis, also may manifest in rib pain, especially in women, according to Healthline. Oth... More »

Cracked ribs are treated with extra rest, ice on the affected area and pain medications, according to WebMD. Some patients are comfortable with over-the-counter pain medications, while others need prescription pain medic... More »

Possible causes of rib cage pain, which occurs above either side of the navel and beneath the chest, include a pulled muscle, bruised ribs, broken ribs, chest injury or a rib fracture, states Healthline. An inflamed rib ... More »