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Individual mound treatment selectively eliminates only the ant colonies treated, and preserves desirable competitor ant species. Mound Drenches Although a few are ready-to-use, most fire ant mound drenches are formulated as liquid concentrates that must be diluted in the amount of water specified on the label.


Figuring out how to get rid of red fire ants – or any other types of fire ants – can seem daunting when you first discover ant mounds in your yard. While there are a few species of fire ants native to the United States, troublemaking ants are typically either red imported fire ants (RIFA), black imported fire ants (BIFA) or a hybrid of these two species.


For ants foraging outside the mounts, apply a broadcast treatment of Bifen LP granules or Extinguish Fire Ant Bait. To treat Fire Ants that venture indoors, apply D-Fense Dust around points of entry. Step 1 - Ant Mound Treatment With Reclaim IT


Fire Ant Control: The Two-Step Method and Other Approaches; References. Evaluation of Molasses as a Mound Treatment for Red Imported Fire Ant Control, Texas AgriLife Extension Service 2006 Urban IPM Summary Report; Evaluation of Aspartame as a Mound Treatment for Red Imported Fire Ant Management; Evaluation of watered in aspartame as a mound ...


Use a mound treatment 7-10 days after using fire ant bait. Sprinkle the mound treatment in a full circle around the fire ant mounds. Make sure to follow all of the safety instructions listed on the package. Mound treatments contain acephate, which is a slow-acting poison that will eventually kill the fire ants.


The workers are most active outside the nest, scavenging for food in the cooler morning and evening hours. Controlling fire ants is a two-step process. First, use a mound treatment, like Ortho® Orthene® Fire Ant Killer 1 or a fire ant bait, like Ortho® Fire Ant Killer Mound Bait, to kill the nuisance mounds you see in your lawn and landscape ...


Hopefully, by this point you will notice decreased little fire ant density, other species of ants and insects returning, and much fewer stings! If you started with the 6 months of Tango treatment, this is also the time when we recommend switching to a toxicant bait to wipe the colony out.


This is what Grumpy recommends. Entire lawn treatments are granules of long-lasting insecticide that you apply to the lawn with a fertilizer spreader and water in. Ortho Fire Ant Killer, containing bifenthrin, works well for me. I put it down the first week of April and have zero fire ant mounds for the next six months.


Broadcast fire ant bait – This is the first step of fire ant control. Spreading fire ant bait over the entire area helps to eradicate 80 to 90% of fire ants. You can repeat this process 1 to 2 times a year during the warm months. Treating individual mounds – There may be some troublesome mounds that need to be treated individually. You can ...


Ant baits work well as an indoor treatment because ants are social creatures. They will bring the bait back to the colony to share, which will help destroy the colony. It is important to check insect traps regularly and refresh them periodically to ensure they continue to be effective. Baits have the added advantage of being easy to place and relatively mess-free.