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Be on the lookout for fire ant mounds in lawns and gardens. Recent rains have increased fire ant activity in the region. While there is no way to rid a location of fire ants permanently, there are many products available for managing them. Options include drenches, granules, and baits. Drenches and granules give the quickest results, ...


Another suggested treatment to kill fire ants in a non-toxic way is cornmeal. It does not work like a poison, but these creatures are attracted to this and won’t be able to digest it properly. Spread some cornmeal near their castle, entryways, and other areas where you always see fire ants.


Fire ants can be an incredibly harmful nuisance to have around your home and garden. If you’ve got pets or small children, you might not be comfortable with your average over-the-counter insecticide. Here are five ways to eliminate fire ants this season, without using dangerous chemicals. Cayenne Pepper


Normally when the fire ant bites, the site tends to burn for a few hours. Soon after a pustule that is itchy starts to form on the site of the bite. For persons who are allergic to the venom injected, one should seek medical attention so that they can receive treatment for fire ant bites immediately.


The ant Bait will a few minutes and thus destroy the colony in the mound and kill the queen. Hence, Ortho 0259010 Mound Bait will look like food to the Fire Ants and thus attract the insects. The Fire Ants will, therefore, get poisoned, the mound will be destroyed and queen killed, which will prevent further reproduction in the fire ant colony.


Use a mound treatment 7-10 days after using fire ant bait. Sprinkle the mound treatment in a full circle around the fire ant mounds. Make sure to follow all of the safety instructions listed on the package. Mound treatments contain acephate, which is a slow-acting poison that will eventually kill the fire ants.


The workers are most active outside the nest, scavenging for food in the cooler morning and evening hours. Controlling fire ants is a two-step process. First, use a mound treatment, like Ortho® Orthene® Fire Ant Killer 1 or a fire ant bait, like Ortho® Fire Ant Killer Mound Bait, to kill the nuisance mounds you see in your lawn and landscape ...


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This is what Grumpy recommends. Entire lawn treatments are granules of long-lasting insecticide that you apply to the lawn with a fertilizer spreader and water in. Ortho Fire Ant Killer, containing bifenthrin, works well for me. I put it down the first week of April and have zero fire ant mounds for the next six months.


Fire ants may also be found on trees or in water, so always look over the area before starting to work. First Aid Workers with a history of severe allergic reactions to insect bites or stings should consider carrying an epinephrine auto injector (EpiPen) and should wear a medical identification bracelet or necklace stating their allergy.