Ear infections in dogs are treated with antibiotics, anti-fungal and steroid medications, according to the ASPCA. When a dog shows symptoms such as discharge, head shaking, loss of hearing or balance, redness, swelling, ... More »

Although it depends on the cause, there are holistic treatments for many canine ear infections. Since many ear infections are caused by food or environmental allergies, treating the underlying cause can eliminate the pro... More »

According to Modern Dog magazine, a good home remedy for a dog's ear infection consists of applying a mixture of water and vinegar in the ear. Apple cider vinegar also works for this remedy. Vinegar has antiseptic and an... More »

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Treatment of ear mites in dogs involves the administration of a special medicine that kills the mites. This medicine should be given in combination with thorough cleaning of areas where the dog has been living in order t... More »

Ear mites in dogs are typically treated with parasitic medications prescribed by a veterinarian. These medications will either be applied directly in the dog's ear or straight onto the skin. In many cases, the dog will a... More »

The ASPCA explains that the causes of vomiting in dogs range from the benign and everyday to the dangerous and urgent. Dogs may vomit simply from eating something disagreeable or too quickly. This is a physiological tool... More »

Because there is no cure for an upper respiratory infection caused by a virus, isolation, steam therapy, thorough cleaning, vaccines and antiviral medications are recommendations for easing the symptoms and reducing the ... More »