Home remedies for treating dry socket include rinses with peroxide, salt water and lemon juice, compresses of cold tea bags or gauze-soaked with clove oil, and pastes made of salt turmeric and mustard oil. Peroxide and s... More »

People suffering from dry socket need to visit a dentist to have the empty tooth socket cleaned and packed with a special dressing to prevent infection. Some patients might also receive painkillers or antibiotics, notes ... More »

Individuals can treat dry eyes at home by applying a warm compress to the eyes to unplug blocked tear glands and cleaning the eyelids with water and a mild soap, according to Healthline. Individuals with dry eyes should ... More »

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Home remedies such as applying clove oil, rinsing with salt water or hydrogen peroxide, and applying ice can quickly and temporarily relieve tooth pain until you can reach a dentist. Clove oil contains eugenol, which is ... More »

Home remedies for toothache pain include clove oil, cough drops, a warm tea bag, peppermint tea and salt water. Other remedies are massaging the hand with ice, flossing and rinsing with hydrogen peroxide. More »

A dry socket is usually treated by a dentist or oral surgeon, who places special medicated gauze in the socket and prescribes an antibiotic. Pain medication may also be recommended. Dry socket is a painful inflammation i... More »

Home remedies for nerve tooth pain include preventing the pain with diet, massaging the hand with ice and biting on a cotton ball with clove oil, according to HowStuffWorks. Other home remedies include rinsing the mouth ... More »