A travel trailer is a mobile home unit that is towed behind a recreational vehicle. It is a nonmotorized unit and is designed to serve as a living space for those on recreational travel. More » Vehicles

A luxury travel trailer is a travel trailer outfitted with exceptional comfort, convenience and aesthetic amenities. Travel trailers are recreational trailers that users attach to the back end of a vehicle to use as a mo... More » Vehicles

Things to look for in an older travel trailer include size, model and frame. Check the wheels, axles and tires as well. Ensure that your vehicle can pull the trailer. More » Vehicles
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The main advantages of a 5th Wheel over a travel trailer are more stability during towing, a more spacious interior and a shorter total length of tow vehicle and trailer together. 5th Wheels also have larger tanks and mo... More » Vehicles

A travel trailer VIN, or vehicle identification number, is a unique number consisting of 17 characters, and it identifies a travel trailer. VINs are instrumental in combating fraud, and they are the main way of identifyi... More » Vehicles

When selecting a travel trailer, consider the use of the trailer, such as the duration of a typical trip, the number of people attending the trip and the compatibility of the trailer with the vehicle that will haul the t... More » Vehicles

To choose the right lightweight travel trailer for your vehicle, find out the trailer's unloaded vehicle weight and then add the weight of all your cargo. If this total is less than your vehicle's gross vehicle weight ra... More » Vehicles