Fixing water leaks in an RV travel trailer entails identifying the source of the leak, inspecting all the seams and replacing cracked and broken light lenses. Repair jobs involve getting rid of cracked and dried putty an... More » Vehicles

To restore a Shasta travel trailer, examine and repair the exterior of the vehicle, apply paint to the exterior, and replace damaged plumbing and wiring. In addition, clean the trailer's interior, and remodel it as desir... More » Vehicles

Things to look for when purchasing a used travel trailer include its mechanical condition, structural condition and interior appliances and accessories. A used travel trailer is usually often a good alternative to a new ... More » Vehicles
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Winterize a travel trailer by removing and bypassing any in-line water filters, draining all holding tanks and lines, draining and bypassing the water heater and filling the plumbing system with the appropriate antifreez... More » Vehicles

A fifth wheel camper offers the space of a recreational vehicle (RV) with the low maintenance of a travel trailer. These campers are designed as more stable tow along vehicles compared to the older travel trailer design. More » Vehicles

Livin Lite is a popular brand of pop-up travel trailer, according to Best Travel Trailers Guide. The company produces six models, including the Quicksilver soft-side truck automotive tent camper, Quicksilver 18SUT and Qu... More » Vehicles

To choose the right lightweight travel trailer for your vehicle, find out the trailer's unloaded vehicle weight and then add the weight of all your cargo. If this total is less than your vehicle's gross vehicle weight ra... More » Vehicles