Bulk transport involves shipping goods or cargo with large trucks, trains or maritime vessels. Usually, these types of items are not packaged in boxes and are raw goods and materials. Common examples of bulk items transp... More »

Transport proteins are proteins that move materials within an organism. They are also known as transporter proteins or carrier molecules, among other names. There are multiple types of transport proteins that move molecu... More »

Cell transport is the movement of items into and out of the cell through the cell's membrane. This movement is done with a variety of proteins to facilitate the action. More »

Companies use trains to transport goods for sale in many different situations; compared to many other types of transports, trains are often safer, faster, more energy efficient, cheaper and more environmentally-friendly ... More »

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A vessel tracking system, or automatic identification system, is a location tracking system for boats and other maritime vessels, and it is used for safety and business purposes. The International Maritime Organization r... More »

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North American trains primarily use diesel fuel as their source of energy.. Electric locomotives are in widespread use in Europe and Asia and in some commuter runs in the United States. More »

As of 2015, you can buy lead shot in bulk from McAlisterShot.com, MarShield.com and BallisticProducts.com as of 2015. McAlister sells lead shot in 25-pound buckets and 800-pound plastic barrels. MarShield offers it in 25... More »

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