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The transmission control solenoid communicates to a car when it is time to shift gears, if the car has an automatic transmission. If the shifting in the car's engine is balky or has other problems, the issue is likely an error with the control solenoid. Because a fairly sophisticated measurement of


A transmission solenoid is an electrically operated valve present in automatic-transmission vehicles. The valve controls the flow of fluid in and throughout the automatic transmission.


The transmission shift solenoid is an on-off electro-hydraulic valve that controls and directs fluid flow inside a transmission. Its main field of application is in electronically controlled transmissions


Symptoms of a bad transmission solenoid switch include inconsistent shifting, delayed shifting or no shifting of the transmission, according to Transmission Repair Cost Guide. Dirty transmission fluid and electrical problems can cause the device to malfunction, affecting the transmission fluid press


Erratic shifting, delayed shifting, being stuck in neutral, being stuck in second gear and an illuminated check engine light are symptoms of problems with a Dodge transmission solenoid. These symptoms can be verified by testing the transmission solenoid with a multimeter or by connecting a diagnosti


A solenoid is an important part of a motor vehicle's electrical system that controls a push operation, pull operation or a function that both pushes and pulls. For instance, a solenoid is normally used to unlock car doors or pop the trunk remotely.


To make a solenoid, you need a hollow cylinder, a battery and lots of conducting wire. The wire must be wound dozens of times around the cylinder, with both ends connected to a battery. This allows the current to flow, replicating the effect of a bar magnet.


When the coil of a solenoid is charged with an electromagnetic field, the armature iron is pulled toward the stationary iron core. A solenoid is made up of the armature, which is a movable iron core, a coil, a spring, along with a stationary iron core. Solenoids are useful in many home appliances, a


A car solenoid is an important part of the starter and works as a kind of bridge for electric power to travel from the battery to the starter. The solenoid can be located in the car by using an owner's manual for the car.


A solenoid is a long cylinder with a length of uniform wire wrapped around it in the form of a helix. When an electric current is sent through the wire, it creates a magnetic field inside the cylinder, turning it into an electromagnet. The magnetic field inside the cylinder is stable and becomes mor