A transmission shift cable, also called a shifter cable, is the link between the shifter handle and the transmission in a vehicle. Its position changes as a driver moves the shifter handle in a car, which controls the ge... More »

A broken kickdown cable typically causes issues with a car's upshifts, which are delayed or occur at full throttle. However, a faulty kickdown cable may only stick when the car in not in motion and cause no obvious sympt... More »

When a car won't shift into reverse or drive, there is usually a problem with the transmission, such as low transmission fluid or loose throttle cables. Transmission fluid lubricates the gears and other components of the... More »

As of 2014, some common problems with the Chevrolet Impala transmission include rough shifts and transmission failure with the 2005 model, and roll away risks due to an issue with the transmission shift cable adjuster un... More »

Distinguish the basic type of a transmission from the configuration of a vehicle's shift lever assembly or lack thereof. Identification of the specific model of transmission in a given vehicle usually requires inspecting... More »

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The transmission shift solenoid is an on-off electro-hydraulic valve that controls and directs fluid flow inside a transmission. Its main field of application is in electronically controlled transmissions More »

When a shift solenoid C malfunctions, it causes a car's transmission to shift incorrectly, which makes it difficult or impossible to drive that car. The shift solenoid is a crucial part of the transmission, which reads c... More »

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