Transitional housing is a home that offers shelter to individuals that were previously homeless, have had substance abuse problems or have been involved in bad living environments. Transitional housing usually limits the... More » Government & Politics Social Services

Several homelessness programs by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development provide housing services, such as Continuum of Care and Rural Housing Stability Assistance. Other homelessness programs include Emerge... More » Government & Politics Social Services

Transitional housing provides veterans with stable housing and assists them in their re-entry into the civilian workforce. Transitional housing is typically available for homeless veterans or those with disabilities or m... More » Government & Politics Military
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Some services offered by the MBOS Pension and Benefits website include addiction, affordable housing, agricultural leadership development program, alcoholism and drug abuse counselling, business development for women and... More » Government & Politics Social Services

As of 2015, the Texas Child Protective Services handbook states that children may be removed from the home without a court order if evidence of abuse or neglect is present and the child's immediate safety is threatened. ... More » Government & Politics Social Services

There is no specific housing available for individuals receiving assistance under the Supplemental Security Income program as of 2015. However, the SSI payments can be used to cover housing expenses, while many SSI recip... More » Government & Politics Social Services

The Metropolitan Baltimore Quadel, or MBQ, is a program that provides counseling and supporting services for individuals who qualify for Section 8 vouchers and housing. The main purpose of MBQ is to assist families quali... More » Government & Politics Social Services